About Me

I’m Susan and I live with my husband, daughter, son, and overly licky dog in North Carolina. I worked in the public schools for several years as a speech-language pathologist but have since shifted my focus to writing and editing. I love character-driven stories for children and adults that have a lot of heart. I nurture the moss around our house, and I’m hoping that in the epic battle of moss vs. grass in our yard the moss will ultimately triumph.


filename-1This is me reading, age nine. I often sat in front of our refrigerator on cold winter mornings because it was a gas refrigerator and quite a bit of heat came out of the bottom! I was lucky to grow up in a house with a lot of books, in a town with a small but wonderful library. The library was located in a historic house, and has since been converted into a museum. But it still smells exactly as it did throughout my childhood.