Hey Kid, Want To Buy a Bridge?, by Jon Scieszka

bridge coverThe great thing about the Time Warp Trio series is if you can’t think of a time travel book to review for your blog, you can pick one from the series, such as Hey Kid, Want to Buy A Bridge by Jon Scieszka (2002, 74 pages),  as you probably haven’t yet reviewed all sixteen.

From Goodreads:

The Time Warp Trio is staying home for once, and Joe’s got a perfect way to keep The Book from getting lost. But when the guys find themselves stuck on top of the half-finished Brooklyn Bridge, they realize that Joe’s foolproof Book Tracker wasn’t so foolproof after all. Now the guys have to make their way through 1877 Brooklyn and find The Book before they un-invent the lightbulb, the phonograph and&150oh, no!&150baseball! (sic)

In this tale the three best friends find themselves atop the half-finished Brooklyn Bridge. Thomas Edison is also there. His appearance seems completely random. The trio’s great-granddaughters from the future are there, too. (I think Scieszka is trying to populate his stories with more female characters.) I learned a couple things about the Brooklyn Bridge from this book, such as that it was built between 1876 and 1878, and Washington Roebling was the Chief Engineer. Frankly, that’s about all I wanted to know about the bridge. My brain is addled from the North Carolina heat and humidity and full-time child care, so at this point, it’s a victory to learn anything.

I didn’t find this book nearly as funny as the other two I have read, Da Wild, Da Crazy, Da Vinci, or Your Mother Was a Neanderthal. But, like the others in the series, it was light and a super-quick read. I have no idea why this book is titled Hey Kid, Want to Buy a Bridge. I must have missed something. I look forward to reading the other thirteen in the series.


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