Time Travel with the Vikings: A List of 15 Books for Kids!

This post concludes my mini-series on Vikings. I start with a brief review  of Viking It and Liking It, followed by the list. There are a HUGE number of romance books for adults featuring Viking guys who seem to have misplaced their shirts; I found fewer books on Viking time travel that are suitable for kids. As always, I only included in the list books that have a paper version. Interestingly, almost all are part of a series. There is more info available on the internet on books 1-9 than books 10-15. Clicking on the book titles will bring you to the Amazon website. I have only read stories 1-3, so I cannot attest to the quality of the others. I would like to read more of these Viking tales, however I am even more interested in moving on to other places and times via the magic of time travel reading.

viking and liking1. Viking It and Liking It by John Scieszka, (2004, 96 pages).

This is the fifth book from the The Time Warp Trio Series that I have reviewed on this blog. Each of the Trio books I have read is like a bag of popcorn–quick to consume, and fun. Actually, they’re light but there’s nothing unhealthy about them, so perhaps one is like a bowl of anti-oxidant-rich berries, or maybe… But now I’m just making myself hungry.

Description from Goodreads:

Did you know that our word Thursday comes from the Viking god Thor . . . as in Thor’s Day? Neither did the Time Warp Trio. Did you know that if you say “Thursday” over and over again too close to a certain magic Book, you will get sucked back two thousand years to the time of the Vikings? Neither did the Time Warp Trio. Can our trusty heroes, Joe, Sam, and Fred, survive a wild ride with Leif Eriksson, match wits with his evil cousin, and get back home in one piece?

There were so many funny lines in this book, especially coming from the skald (poet) character. As in all the Time Warp books, there are humorous black and white illustrations sprinkled liberally throughout. A surprising number of Viking-related vocabulary words are present which I think makes the book a great place to start for kids wanting to learn about the Vikings. There ia a special section at the back of the book explaining which days of the week are named for Norse gods, another on figuring out your own Viking name, and a third on writing in runes. Well worth $4.49.

viking ring2. Divide and Conquer (Infinity Ring #2) by Carrie Ryan, (2012, 192 pages). (My review).



3.  Adventures with the Vikings (Good Time Travel Agency) by Linda Bailey, (2001, 48 pages). (My review).



viking pride4. Viking Pride (The Viking Saga, #1) by Christopher Tebbetts, (2003, 192 pages).



yikes vikings5. Yikes, Vikings! (Canadian Flyer Adventures, #4) by Frieda Wishinsky, (2007, 96 pages).



time hunters vikings6. Viking Raiders (Time Hunters, #3) by Chris Blake, (2013, 176 pages).




viking treehouse7. Viking Ships at Sunrise (Magic Treehouse Series, #15 ) by Mary Pope Osborne, (1998, 96 pages).



imag station vikings8. Voyage with the Vikings (AIO Imagination Station Books) by Paul McKusker, (2011, 128 pages).



cat viking9. The Time-Travelling Cat and the Viking Terror (The Time-Travelling Cat, #5) by Julia Jarman, (2008, 167 pages).



10. The Ship that Flew by Hilda Lewis, (1958, 246 pages) (Out of print but beloved by many.)

11. The Lost Cities (A Drifthouse Voyage) by Dale Peck, (2008, 400 pages).

12. Secret of the Viking Dagger by Scarlett R. Foster, (1995, 144 pages).

13. A Viking Moon (The Adventures of Sarah Tremayne, Vol. 1) by T.M. Rowe, (2014, 180 pages).

14. The Time Travels of Arabella and Tom: The Vikings by Sue Huband, (2014, 62 pages).

15. Timeweave by Alan Tucker, (2013, 218 pages).

For a bunch of great middle-grade book reviews, follow the MMGM links at the blog of the lovely Shannon Messenger.

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4 Responses to Time Travel with the Vikings: A List of 15 Books for Kids!

  1. Books that are a quick fun read can hit the spot sometimes. This sounds like one kids would really like.

  2. Super list! I’ve known quite a few kids who will read any type of Viking story so this list will lead them in the right direction. Thanks!

  3. I’ve read a couple of the Time Warp Trio books but not this one. I’ll make sure to check out this one after reading this review!

  4. Wow, this is a long list of Viking books for kids who love the Vikings. I haven’t read the Time Warp Trio, but it really sounds like a fun adventure.

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