Time Travel News Nuggets

Books: Look how many great time travel novels we have to look forward to in 2016! Ana Grilo, who along with her partner Thea James runs the blog The Book Smugglers, has put together a wonderful list. Time Travelling in 2016 (Kirkus)



TV: My husband keeps adding layers of complexity to our home’s TV-viewing experience (i.e. Roku, Hulu), such that I can barely operate the thing, but some of you might be better able to access the content described here. Pilot Season 2016: Time Travel Craz(Deadline.com)

timeaftertimeMedia Outlet: Buzzfeed is always good for a laugh if you’ve had a hard day. (Adults only.) Here they ask the eternal question:  Would you travel to the past or Future? Very infotaining. For the full video, go to Buzzfeed.

clip from Buzzfeed video

Blog:  Craig Richardson has started a blog, timetravelnexus.com. It’s vast, it’s up-to-the-minute, it’s sure to satisfy any time travel aficionado.


Have a good day, or a good time travel trip to the past, flash forward, endless loop in time, eternity, what-have-you!


About Susan

I blog about middle grade and YA time travel books. I'm the author of Time Jump Coins.
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3 Responses to Time Travel News Nuggets

  1. Akoss says:

    Thank you for the useful links but the Kirkus one isn’t working correctly.
    Talking about Roku, we’ve had one for three years and it’s only now that it’s beginning to behave funny. And I think we got it around a 100 bucks? back when it was “hot”. lol

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